Monday, June 20, 2005

kbmMW v. 2.50 Enterprise, ProPlus, Pro and Standard Editions released!

kbmMW v. 2.50 sets the standard for high availability, high performance, high flexibility n-tier frameworks.
It contains the best of breed features for building SOA (service oriented architecture) application servers and clients,
and provides an unprecedented amount of features for supporting EAI (enterprise architecture integration).

Run kbmMW application servers on Win32, Linux and .Net platforms.
Run kbmMW clients on Win32, Linux, Java and .Net platforms.

Use kbmMW's advanced publish/subscribe based messaging framework (The WIB) to build realtime event-oriented application setups
while still having full application server support.

Requiring a 24x7 setup? kbmMW contains a large amount of features to support such setups including advanced
loadbalancing and failover (including clusters, distributed loadbalancing, centralized loadbalancing, teaching and learning
loadbalancers, built in high availability features like detection of stalled requests, Windows Performance Monitor support and much more!)

Requiring a supercomputer like cluster solution? Scale up your processing power by adding more CPU's, more nodes, more servers and let kbmMW automatically handle the cluster for you.

Requiring complex database access? kbmMW bundles support for 35+ database API's on which complex queries can run, and modifications to resultsets (even including complex joins) can be resolved back to the appropriate databases with no coding, all under transactional control.

Requiring all this to work both on the local LAN, on the IntraNet and over the InterNet with the higest possible performance and with all the security options you need? Look no further than kbmMW.

Requiring lots of documentation? kbmMW includes comprehensive helpfiles covering more than 12.000 topics! and more than 350 pages of whitepapers showing step by step how to do!

For more information, please check feature matrix
or contact by e-mail.

Pricing and ordering

kbmMW v. 2.50 ProPlus is a FREE upgrade for kbmMW v.2.0x Commercial license holders!

Delphi to take advantage of multiple threads within the compiler?

Danny Thorpe said:

"I’m also looking at ways to re-architect the compiler itself, perhaps
there is a way we can take advantage of multiple threads within the
compiler, this is something we haven’t pursued in the past."

Read complete interview here.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Open Source ready for paying customers

Business Day writes: "Open source has matured from a free-to-use rebellion against costly brand-name programs to a stage where the products are robust and sophisticated enough for serious business use."

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