Wednesday, March 31, 2010

SuperClassic: new architecture in Firebird

Firebird Webinar "SuperClassic: new architecture in Firebird", by Dmitry Yemanov, will take place on April 6th, GMT 15.00 - Details will follow soon.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Download MindTheBird! materials

Materials include presentations, email and press-release templates, banners and other resources to promote Firebird.
Download link to Bosnian translation of these is

Firebird 2.5 is launching!

Now's the time to discover the universal and open-source database: Firebird 2.5. This new release of the award-winning, powerful and feature-rich database brings even more features and greater performance, allowing millions of developers worldwide to build fast, scalable and robust applications.

MindTheBird! is the Firebird Community activation campaign, whose main goal to support launch of Firebird 2.5 and ensure the visibility of Firebird in the world of information technologies, media, open-source enthusiasts and end users.