Thursday, May 03, 2007

JEDI VCS 2.41 client release

The JVCS team is happy to announce the JEDI VCS 2.41 client release,
which is intended as a maintenance release for 2.40 but also includes
some new features.

Red-Soft to provide official support for UIB!!!

Nikolay Samofatov asked what is the process to submit patches and is it possible to obtain commit rights for the project:

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UIB 2.1 released

New features:
- New FB2 Database properties:
- Support for quoted parametters (:"my param").
- Metadata explorer now read roles (Pierre Yager).
- New Lazarus sample to explore metadatas.

bug fixes:
- TJvUIBEvent bug when destroying component is fixed.
- ExecSQL now call Execute when query is prepared;
- When a query don't return fields, a call to next don't raise exception anymore.
- TJvUIBDataSet: a bug was fixed when the query return only one record.
- RowsAffected now support stored procedures.
- Parsing error corrected with stored procedure.
- Removed Fastcode unit because of bug in asm code.
- bug with "isc_reset_fpe" function that don't exist on unix plateforms is corrected.
- Some bug fixes with Appserver samples.