Thursday, August 31, 2006

DevCo Developer Conference Moved to Q1 2007

The DevCo group within Borland had previously announced a Developer Conference for the fall of 2006. Now the conference has been officially delayed to "a date (to be determined) during the first quarter of 2007", to quote Christine Ellis. She continues saying that "No further information regarding specific dates or location is available at this time. The decision to postpone the Conference was based on many factors including conference location availability."

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

IBReplicator V2.1.10

IBReplicator V2.1.10 is now available for download. Updated information is available in the release notes.

How to connect InterBase database to MS SQL server

  1. Install IBProvider on a server where MSSQL works.
  2. Launch "SQL Server Enterprise Manager".
  3. Connect to MSSQL server that will work with InterBase database.
  4. Go to tree item "Sequrity\Linked Servers".
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Oracle Takes Another Page From Open Source

"Every organization in the world has some form of Microsoft Access and Lotus Notes. And they want nothing more than to get off this technology or older technology that's not Web based or secure." And not every open source project is all that easy, he added. Look at the complexity of open source scripting language PHP. "It can be an esoteric language, and it can be difficult to read and understand some of the scripting language. With APEX, they have an easier time with declaratives, for example," Hichwa said.

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Firebird,Flamerobin,KinterbasDB included in archlinux

Here are firebird package details , they have python-kinterbasdb+flamerobin included in the linux distro, If you don't know what is archlinux therea are some reviews on the

Firebird inside: phpBB 3.0 Beta2

We are pleased to announce the availability of the phpBB3 Beta2 package . With this second beta release we are a great step forward. There is no update path provided due to a number of extensive database schema changes. Everyone having the first beta installed need to re-install the software. If you do a new installation, please be sure to also remove any remaining files, especially those within the cache folder.

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Firebird and Visual Studio .NET 2005 Data Designer Access (DDEX)

There is a new chapter in the Firebird Tutorial for .NET : Firebird Data Access Designer (DDEX) installation . Follow these instructions to get Firebird support in the Visual Studio .NET 2005 (Standard and up): Browse Firebird databases in the Server Explorer Use "Configure Data Source" Wizard to configure SqlDataSource component Connection Properties editor etc. No need for Visual Studio SDK! Posted by Dan on the FirebirdDotNet Blog

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Firebird marked as stable on gentoo linux sparc architecture

Here is the Firebird's Gentoo page (compiled with gcc4.1) and there is more info in the Changelog

Firebird inside: OroTimesheet

OroLogic uses firebird in their product OroTimesheet Here is what they say about firebird :) OroTimesheet 5 uses the database Firebird 1.5 to store its data. Firebird is a relational database that can be installed on Windows, Linux, Solaris and other platforms. Using Firebird with OroTimesheet 5 gives users a great reliability and stability (relational database), a low licensing cost (Firebird is free, only OroTimesheet 5 licenses must be bought).

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Do Small Businesses Fear Open Source?

"Fully half of small and medium-sized businesses say they use little to no open source software. An additional 20% say they use it only for applications primarily used by IT. A key issue for emerging enterprises is the depth and quality of support available to deploy and troubleshoot open source software."

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Firebird inside: "Help Desk for IIS"

Help Desk for IIS is a web-based help desk software solution for delivering customer service and support. It easily installs on your MS web server. All information is stored in a Firebird database, and the web pages themselves are produced by server-side ISAPI extension.

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Sybase leaves Silicon Valley

While a wave of consolidation has racked the software world of Silicon Valley in recent years, John Chen, the chief executive of Sybase, has managed to stay under the radar and keep his company profitable. Starting in 1998, Sybase, a maker of relational database software, embarked on a mission to become a leader in the nascent market for mobile information.

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Firebird *unofficial* FULL setup for Windows

See the project page or directly download from here. It includes: Flamerobin GUI tool, FBMonitor tool, the FirebirdSQL FBConfig + alias manager, and FBServiceMonitor monitor. The full InnoSetup script is inlcuded so you can rebuild the setup again with your options.

Firebird drives more banking applications

A Russian company specialising in banking software has released a lite version of it's OLAP and datawarehouse system "Nostradamus", which is based on the Firebird open source RDBMS. The full version of "Nostradamus" software run on Oracle 8i and later. The system was made compatible with Firebird in all mostly used aspects, such as visual database table and view editor, glossary system, data sources and receivers with server-side logs support, reports etc. Basically this software is a toolkit for rapid [...]

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The case for function based indexes - part two

Some time ago I wrote about function based indexes, showing a PostgreSQL based case, right now I'll show a Firebird based example, due to the fact that Firebird 2.0 supports Expression Indexes, which are my good old function based indexes. Read More on pabloj's blog

Firebird used in an large telemetry system - they need an developer

We are looking for a database developer to work on two related large scale utility radio telemetry projects. The development uses the Firebird (Interbase) database on a Linux platform with a web based user interface. The system connects large numbers of remote telemetry units with the database using custom radio hardware and communications Read More about the job description and system

On Embedded Firebird and nHibernate

Was experimenting with embedded Firebird today with nHibernate. Wanted to see if an embedded database could keep up with a highly proprietary flat file format for data lookups. Read More on this blog

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

InterBase on a Windows Cluster with Failover

Anders Melander posted these instructions for configuring InterBase on a Windows cluster with failover to the newsgroups a while back.

Hyper-Threading and Shared CPU Cache

Interesting post from Slava Oks on hyper-threading. The long and the short of it is that low-priority threads which touch a lot of memory can really hurt a high-priority thread on the other logical processor by trashing the shared cache. Yet another reason to disable hyper-threading on servers.

Using Pentaho with Firebird

To use Firebird as a database source for queries in your pentaho solution you need very little things

Flamerobin as a GUI for embedded Firebird - Howto

In general you just need to have Flamerobin connect to Embedded Firebird through local protocol, my setup with Firebird 1.5.3 is like this

Monday, August 21, 2006

Voting DevCo Conference Talks

You can vote for talks for the next DevCo Conference, although it seems few people have done that.

If you follow Delphi news, you probably know DevCo is hosting a Developer Conference next falls in the San Francisco Bay Area. As usual, potential speakers were invited to submit topics for their talks. Differently from the past, the panel in charge of the conference program has asked the community to vote for your 10 favorite topics. Voting taks place here. Notice you can both rate submissions and vote them, although it is not clear if rating will matter.

Source: Marco Cantu

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Turbo Videos

A number of interesting videos have appeared on the DevCo Turbos web site, I guess more will be coming.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

V.2.0 Release Candidate 4 Released with a Caveat

Release Candidate 4 for Firebird 2.0 should start to appear in the mirrors today. Unfortunately, due to a late-breaking issue that was reported and confirmed after these builds were in the system, it should not be treated as production-ready, yet.

The issue has been addressed and is undergoing QA now. RC 5 should appear before the end of the month. In the meantime, please look at the fixes between RC3 and RC4 and check that any issues you had have been satisfactorily resolved.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Firebird 2 Release Candidate 4

We are pleased to invite you to download your preferred binary kit for Firebird 2 Release Candidate 4. Though very close, this is still a field-testing release. Please check any problem areas you encountered in RC 3 and report to the Firebird-devel list without delay if something isn't working as you expect.
Please note also that this release will NOT become the final one, due to an issue that appeared after these builds were made.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Turbo News!

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ComputerWorld Australia: Borland revives 'Turbo' for developer tools

Neil Rubenking in PC Magazine: New Borland Line Salutes Turbo Pascal Spirit

The Press Release: Borland's Developer Tools Group Announces Plans to Rev Up Classic Turbo(TM)

eWeek: Borland Brings Back Its Turbo Tools

Source: Nick Hodges

Delphi Wiki

A Delphi Wiki has been started on I think it's a brilliant idea and I hope it takes off well and becomes a great community resource. So please also spread the word to other Delphi developers.

Borland’s Developer Tools Group Announces Plans to Rev Up Classic Turbo™

Borland’s Turbo Pascal® Pioneered Early Software Development Tooling; New Turbo™ Products Offer a Fast and Easy Way to Develop Microsoft® Windows® and .NET Applications

CUPERTINO, Calif. — August 8, 2006 — Today, the Developer Tools Group of Borland Software Corporation (NASDAQ: BORL) announced plans to release single language versions of Borland Developer Studio, the company’s development environment for Microsoft® Windows® and .NET applications. Bringing back the popular Turbo™ moniker, the new Borland Turbo products offer low-cost, language-specific rapid application development capabilities for students, hobbyist developers, occupational developers as well as individual professionals.

The Turbo product set includes Turbo Delphi® for Win32, Turbo Delphi for .NET®, Turbo C++® and Turbo C#®. Each version will be available in two editions: Turbo Explorer, a free downloadable version, and Turbo Professional, a version priced less than $500 which is designed to accept thousands of available third-party tools, components and plug-ins. All Turbo editions enable developers to rapidly build high performance GUI, Database, Web, and Web Services applications for Microsoft Windows. Turbo Delphi for .NET and Turbo C# support the Microsoft .NET and ASP.NET platforms. More information is available at

Monday, August 07, 2006

A Separate .NET 3.0 and What it Means

Ricky Tan of Microsoft’s MSDN Blogs hints at an RTM within two months for the new .NET Framework 3.0, and leaves us to wonder just what that means for the .NET Developers out there. For those of you that haven’t heard, Microsoft .NET 3.0 Framework is the new name for WinFX and .NET 2.0 bundled together.

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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Firebird-InterBase Backup Scheduler

FIBS (Firebird-InterBase Backup Scheduler) V2.02 is available.

FIBS is a lightweight, solid and fast scheduler so as to meet most backup-tasks-needs. It uses firebird/interbase command line tool gbak.exe to backup safetly and mirrors it to any other disc or computer for extra protection against backup-disc crash. FIBS can create GZip compatible compressed backup files if user want to save backup disc space.
One of the noticable feature of FIBS is that it has multi-threaded architecture. Every backup process (including zipping) is executed in a separate thread. That is, there is no serialisation of backup process including compressing. Although this means that high grade concurrency is given to users to make them free to set lots of backup tasks just the same time, the main advantages resulted multi-threaded architecture is that backup tasks cannot be plugged by the others in trouble. Definitely this is a must-have for a reliable backup scheduling.
FIBS is designed to run on Win32 environment and to backup local and remote databases.

More Sun Lies About NetBeans

From Mark Damon Hughes:

This is an email I just received from one of Sun's mailing lists:

Borland says that it is no longer investing in developer tools. Don't
worry. We've got you covered.

Sun has the tools to meet your needs, and they're available at no
cost! With NetBeans you can easily migrate your applications from
JBuilder to the NetBeans IDE. Additionally, you can be rest assured
that your investment is protected through training, developer
certification, third-party components and technical support.

Of course, this is all blatant lies, and they should stop letting their filthy lying marketing scumbags stop writing to developers who are smarter than they are; of course, this would mean they'd have to stop writing entirely, which can only be a good thing.

While Borland, Inc. will soon no longer doing development tools, they are still investing in the development team (see Allen Bauer's blog for some current news), and are spinning off "DevCo" (which will probably get a new name) into a new company. So Borland's tools are not dead, nor are they being neglected during the transition. Everything Sun says and implies in that first paragraph is a lie.

There is essentially no third-party support for NetBeans, that is simply a lie. To reiterate from last time I checked, there were 34 plugins for NetBeans vs. 1094 plugins for Eclipse. Let's ask the source of all wisdom, if anyone is even interested: netbeans plugin finds 17,600 hits. jbuilder plugin finds 746,000 hits. eclipse plugin finds 13,100,000 hits.

You can easily migrate your Java projects to any IDE, if you use industry-standard ant build.xml files, so this means nothing. "Training, developer certification, [...] and technical support" are nice ways of saying that NetBeans is so awful and unusable that you'll have to ask Sun how to do anything, and they'll charge you for that information.

Sun, please stop lying in support of your awful IDE. Accept that it sucks, and move on.

Oracle: Open Source No Threat in Enterprise Database Space

Oracle is holding its own in the open-source database space, while not seeing any competition in the enterprise database market from open-source companies, Bob Shimp, the vice president of Oracle’s technology business unit, told eWEEK July 31.

Read full article here.

FB 2.0 RC4 is coming…

The releases notes for FB 2.0 RC4 is already available here. Installers and binaries are currently being built.

Huge success case using Firebird!

DBA Software, provider of manufacturing (MRP) solutions for small business, announced that its decision two years ago to base its flagship product, DBA Manufacturing Next-Generation, on the Firebird open-source SQL database has been an unqualified success.
“Our free single-user system, which anyone can download from our Website, is testimony to Firebird’s ease of installation,” continued Zumwalt. “Over the past 18 months, more than 10,000 companies have downloaded and successfully installed our manufacturing software without any support assistance.”

Read full article here.

3rd Firebird Developers Day - Report

The report about the 3rd edition of the Brazilian Firebird Developers Day is now online in both portuguese and english. The main index allows you to check reports of the previous editions too.

VistaDB 3.0 - World’s First Fully Managed Embedded SQL Database

The SQL databases available for the .NET Framework today, including Microsoft SQL Server 2005, SQL Everywhere, MySQL and Firebird are all based on unmanaged architectures. Therefore when developers create .NET Framework-based applications that embed any of these SQL databases today, the result is an unmanaged application that does not conform to Microsoft’s guidelines. VistaDB 3.0 changes this by enabling developers build fully managed .NET Framework-based SQL database applications that can run natively on desktops, mobile devices and web servers.

Full article here.

Embeddable database update to add MIPS

Firebird 2.0 article in

A project maintaining a lightweight, embeddable database is on the cusp of a major version release. Firebird 2.0 will feature a new MIPS architecture port, as well as new features such as derived tables, support for “execute block,” increased table sizes, and better index code.

Check full article here.

open source database conference 2006

The conference will be held again, same time same place. So mark your calendar November 6th-8th opendbcon 2006 in Frankfurt germany.
The call for papers is still going on. So submit your topics ASAP. The plan is to have a wide range of topics that appeals to managers, developers/DBA’s as well as hackers on the various projects. I am also hoping that there will be a large panel discussion.
Read more on Poo-Tee-Weet blog

FIBPlus 6.45 has been released

Devrace developers continue to improve FIBPlus library and make it better compatible with Firebird 2 (in particular now FIBPlus supports charset UTF8 fields for Firebird 2). That’s why the newest FIBPlus version 6.45 has a number of improvements and 16 bug fixes. FIBPlus 6.45 also supports C++ Builder 2006. For more details please check Release Notes. Fully functional FIBPlus trial version is available for download.

FB 2.0 support in Mandriva

Philippe Makowski posted in FB-Support:

Just to inform you and despite it is not yet official, but Mandriva is soon releasing their Corporate Server 4 distro and on the same time, their will be an official Firebird 2.0 package that will be available as additional software for this version.
Mandriva Corporate Server is the sell with support from Mandriva and the Firebird will be supported by IBPhoenix.

So if you need an 5-year Product Maintenance, professional support, Mandriva will be a good choice.

Of course, the package will be also available from Cooker.

dbExpress driver “InterXpress for Firebird” version 1.4.2 released

Martijn Tonies reported:

“InterXpress for Firebird” is our driver that supports Borlands
dbExpress technology! Today is the launch of version 1.4.2
that includes enhancements and fixes.

You can download a copy of it .

Currently supported are Delphi 6, Delphi 7, BDS 2006, Kylix 3
and C++Builder 6.

What’s fixed, new and changed? Check it out here:
List Of Fixes

Buyer nailed down for Borland tools biz

Borland is expected to announce a deal during the next few weeks having picked a buyer from a shortlist of three candidates narrowed from 10, sources told The Register. The deal is believed to be worth between $100m and $150m. More info here.

New IBObjects subrelease supports FB 2.0

The new IBObjects subrelease (4.6Bc) supports all the new features of Firebird 2.0. You can download a trial and get more info at the IBObjects site.