Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Big Secret of the OpenSource Community

I have written article about Firebird for Bosnian IT magazine INFO several months ago. I have scanned those 3 pages, and also translated article to English ;-)

Here it is:

Original page 1
Original page 2
Original page 3

And now English translation

I hope that you will like it!


Stefan Heymann said...

I just read the English translation. This is a great work! I don't know of a paper that explains Firebird as good as this one does.

A few suggestions: the current version is 1.5.3, not 1.52. And AFAIK, "Firebird" is not written with CamelCasing.

Fikret Hasovic said...

Hi Stefan!

Thank you for kind words!

About your suggestions: When I wrote article, current version was 1.52 :-)

And I have fixed FireBird to Firebird few minutes ago ;-)