Thursday, July 01, 2004

eBay and Delphi

Borland and eBay recently announced a partnership that will provide developers with tools for integrating Delphi applications with the eBay marketplace. The first step of this program is the availability of eBay .NET SDK. Expect future Delphi releases to ship with the SDK in the box. With the SDK and Delphi 8 you can seamlessly integrate your applications, inventories, and sales systems into eBay. So if your customers or end users have goods or services running through your Delphi applications, you can now offer those goods and services conveniently and cost effectively into a whole new marketplace, and a particularly popular one at that. There is also an SDK available for PayPal. John Kaster has kindly posted several helpful Delphi/eBay SDK sample applications on Code Central: (1) and (2). Cool note: he used babel code to help with the port of these from C#. John has been playing with the eBay SDK for a little while now and I think he has a few more useful eBay things up his sleeve.


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