Thursday, October 28, 2004

CrossKylix 1.0.0 is here!!!

Here's the list of changes since 0.9.1:

- Added "output directory" to CrossKylix options
- Moved Kylix-paths to the top of the .conf file. This fixes the problem that if "Use Debug
DCUs" was enabled in Delphis project options, Kylix tried to use those dcus (which failed).
This used to be a common problem for many first-time users.
- Added missing translation for -LU switch, which made compiling packages fail
- Compile dialog now uses FileCtrl.MinimizeName to shorten the path name displayed - looks
- The CK menu items now will only be enabled if you have a compilable project open. For
Delphi 2005 it will only be enabled if the current personality is set to Delphi.
- The ckdcc command line compiler now will display some own usage information additional
to the native dcc one
- ckdcc now also works when installed into a path with a space character in it. Compiling
projects with spaces in their paths still is begging for trouble, though.
- Delphi 2005 now is officially supported

You may download the new version from

Existing users of 0.9.0 and 0.9.1 may update their installation by
downloading and unzipping this WITH
PATH NAMES to your CrossKylix installation directory. Then recompile
the CrossKylix IDE plugin package CrossKylix.dpk, and you are done.

(This update only works if your previously have installed 0.9.X, it
does NOT work with older CrossKylix releases).

Please notice that also has
been updated.


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