Monday, October 18, 2004

Fyracle V0.8.0 (Oracle-mode Firebird) released!!!

In the download area (, a new
release of Fyracle is available:

1. Fyracle is now built on top of Firebird 1.5.1

2. The libraries "isc_api" and "ora_api" have been rolled together
into a new library "fyracle". This is the only library you will need:
"fyracle" makes both "isc_api" and "ora_api" redundant.

3. Fyracle now works with an unmodified build of Jaybird. You
need Jaybird 1.5.2 or later. Note that the connection string for
Oracle-mode is "firebirdsql:oracle"

4. Installers for Windows and Linux have been added. These
installers will install Firebird and Fyracle and configure it for you.
The installer will overwrite a pre-existing install of Firebird. If you
have Firebird running on the target machine, you must shut it
down before running the installer.

On Linux, if started from within the X Window system, the installer
will use a GUI interface to guide the install. If started from a plain
shell, it will use a text based install.

You must be 'root' / 'administrator' to run the installler.

5. The Compiere demo has been rebuilt to work with the new
Fyracle release. The files are available from the download area.
Note that this is the same 2.5.0b release as earlier. Moving to
a current release will be the next step.

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