Thursday, July 21, 2005

Misleading Statements Regarding GPL

"It is interesting to see some companies who supported Open Source are backing off. For example one person told them to do inhouse development they need a license .

what Trolltech told you is absolute garbage and they know it. The GPL v 2 specifically allows you to modify and use GPL licensed software in house without licensing it under the GPL. The GPL only kicks in once the software is distributed.

And MySQL is not being entirely upfront either. What is also interesting is that the new database connectors are being released under GPL only. For example if you were doing .NET development you have to release all of your software under GPL. This switch by MySQL stems from the fact that a court in the US deemed connecting to a database using a standard API is not an infraction of the GPL. As MySQL is trying to squeeze developers and admins to buy commercial licenses I switched to Firebird."


Anon said...

One of the things I love about firebird is the license, you know theyre not trying to force you to spend money.

MySQL, pah! they can keep it.

LOL, the word verification is qtpie (Cutey Pie) :-)

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