Thursday, July 21, 2005

Unofficial VisualCLX Patches news!


Update: VisualCLX patch 3.9
  • ShowModal uses QApplication::enterLoop() again
  • TSpeedButton/TBitBtn paints grayed bitmap again
  • Memory leak in TWindowsFileIconProvider.AddIcon
  • TScrollBar.Track wasn't working anymore in 3rdPary compatible patch
  • Faster formular hiding when the application is terminated
  • and many more.
Update: QThemed 2.0.8
  • Grids have a gradient in the fixed cells
  • GroupBoxes in GroupBoxes no more forget to paint the background
Update: VisualCLX patch 3.9Beta for Delphi 7 only BETA area
Download from Sourceforge (

Update: FastLinuxRTL
  • FastAnsiCompareText and FastWideAnsiCompareText returned wrong value for strings with different length.

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