Sunday, June 04, 2006

Skype, yeah it too is written in Delphi

posted by Steve Trefethen

"I've seen this mentioned before but since I just posted about Yahoo's Go for TV I figured what the heck, might was well throw Skype into the mix too. Skype is only slightly harder to recognize as being written in Delphi but only because they've decided to package the whole application up into a single 18MB EXE btw, isn't it nice how Delphi gives you that option. If you search for strings in the Skype.exe you'll see lots of Delphi classnames like TInterfacedObject and friends.

Inevitably, the question "Can you point me to any well known large Delphi applications out there?" comes up time and again on the public newsgroups. Well, I think Skype.exe weighing in at 18MB and worth $2.6 Billion answers that question wouldn't you agree?"

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