Friday, July 21, 2006

Firebird and Cluster?

OCFS2 (version 2) was integrated into the Linux kernel version 2.6.16. It uses a distributed lock manager which resembles the OpenVMS DLM but is much simpler.

On VAX Clusters - a very specialized kind of network - copies of InterBase running on different nodes in the cluster could access a single database using the distributed lock manager to coordinate access. The open source distributed lock manager may reopen that kind of sharing.

In systems (Apollo was one) that supplied a network file system with reliable file locking, any database could be opened from an InterBase server running on any computer on the network. That server locked the file and caused all further requests for the file to go through it. Any file system that provides reliable file locking and some way to identify the computer that holds
the lock can provide that level of database file / server node independence.

It would be great if someone who have hardware and sufficient knowledge jump-in and help with this...


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