Friday, July 21, 2006

IBExpert Personal Edition download is now using new IBExpert Webforms Technology

From Holger Klemt:

Dear IBExpert User,

when you download free IBExpert Personal Edition, you have to use a new url:

HK-Software Download Center

On this url, you will see the first real life application created with
IBExpert Webforms, a new technology available in one of the next
IBExpert Versions.

With IBExpert Webforms you can create database based Webapplications
in a Delphi/C++ Builder comparable way. Just place your vcl components
in the integrated formdesigner, connect them with your tables or queries
as datasource, using the integrated object inspector, create your events
as stored procedures inside your firebird or interbase database.

There is also a downloadable pdf file that shows a screenshot.

The result is handled by a php script, that is used by the Apache
Webserver on windows, linux or any other Operating System, that supports
apache, php and firebird or interbase.

Your main advantage: you do not need any know how regarding java script,
html, ajax, php, etc. to create your database webapplication.
All operations are done inside your database and you just have to learn
some very simple extensions and rules based on your existing firebird
and interbase knowledge.

More details regarding IBExpert Webforms technology will come as soon
as we can publish a first public alpha version. Subscribers of your
newsletter will be informed as soon as it is available.

IMPORTANT: Bonus for adding your address in HK-Software Download Center:
All users who will enter their complete address on the right while
registering for IBExpert Personal Edition will be able to download
a free pdf Version of the IBExpert Book with about 680 pages.
All entries will be checked manually, so it will be only available
for correct address entries.

If you have no access to the pdf file within 2 working days, please
send an e-mail to with subject
“HK-Software Download Center: missing additional files for”
where must be replaced with your e-mail address.

The IBExpert Team

Any questions regarding IBExpert Webforms?
please use news://

The most Expert for InterBase and Firebird —
HK Software - Gerhard Stalling Str 47A - 26135 Oldenburg - Germany
Phone/Fax +49 700 IBEXPERT (42397378)


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