Thursday, January 25, 2007

New sessions in IBExpertLive! Free Firebird training and Conference videos online!

What is IBExpertLive?

HK-Software has implemented a streaming system based on the Firebird database
server, which publishes pictures and audio, as needed to view the presentations from
the 2004, 2005 and 2006 Firebird Conferences. There are also IBExpert
tutorial videos enabling you to learn more about working with Firebird and
InterBase with IBExpert. There is currently about 55GB of video data available,
with around 200 hours of firebird-related presentations from last two Firebird
Conferences and other events.

To use IBExpertLive, you need a firebird connection via Internet using port 13050 to our
server on IP If it does not work, please check your firewall settings.

The IBExpertLive Player is freeware and included in IBExpert Setup or can be downloaded
seperatly here

The sessions are also free, but the player requires a free email registration

An overview of all sessions can be found below (partly in german language).

110 FBCON2006 B01-Paul Ruizendaal - Solution Stacks Built on Firebird and PHP - Another Flame in the Lamp?
111 FBCON2006 C01-Milan Babuskov - Developing Cross Platform Aplications with Firebird and wxWidgets
112 FBCON2006 B02-Martijn Tonies - The Firebird System Tables
113 FBCON2006 C02-Mauritio Longo - Supporting Complex On Line Systems with Satellite Databases
114 FBCON2006 B03-Thomas Steinmaurer - Owner Migration the Easy Way
115 FBCON2006 C03-Andrew Morgan - Towards a Universal UDF Testing Framework
116 FBCON2006 B04-Björn Reimer/Dirk Baumeister - Firebird Clients and System Tables
117 FBCON2006 C04-Fikret Hasovic - Cross - Platform Development Using Lazarus
118 FBCON2006 A05-FirebirdFoundation - Opening and Welcome(only just audio)
119 FBCON2006 A06-PaulReeves - Building Firebird on Windows and Linux
120 FBCON2006 B06-DmitrySibiryakov - Replication with IBReplicator
121 FBCON2006 C06-CarlosCantu - New Shutdown Modes and Backups in Firebird 2.0
122 FBCON2006 A07-DmitryYemanov - Cost-based Optimization and Statistics
123 FBCON2006 B07-ErickSasse - N-Tier applications with Firebird and RemObjects DataAbstract
124 FBCON2006 C07-HolgerKlemt - Creating modern database webaplications using Firebird, php and AJAX
125 FBCON2006 A08-IvanPrenosil - Data Types in Practice/Optimizing Counts(Dual Topics)
126 FBCON2006 B08-GaryFranklin/BillOliver - Real World Applications Using Firebird
127 FBCON2006 C08-AlexSkvirski - Firebird Connectivity Tools or is there any Performance loss out there?
128 FBCON2006 A09-RomanRokytskyy - External routines:interface, usage and possibilities
129 FBCON2006 B09-MauricioLongo - Applications with Morfik WebOS and Firebird
130 FBCON2006 C09-DmitriKouzmenko - Optimizing Server Performance
131 FBCON2006 A10-HolgerKlemt - Creating Transaction Logs in Interbase
132 FBCON2006 B10-MilanBabuskov - Managing Metadata Chaanges
133 FBCON2006 C10-GaryFranklin/BillOliver - Delivering and using the Vulcan embeddet Server as Part of SAS
134 FBCON2006 D11-VladislavHorsun - New SQL Features in coming Versions of Firebird
135 FBCON2006 B12-RomanRokytskyy - Jaybird new release new features
136 FBCON2006 C12-DmitriKouzmenko - Database Health and Corruption
150 FBCON2005 Andrew Morgan - Embedding and using sophisticated mathematics in Firebird (FBC2005)
151 FBCON2005 Ann Harrison - Detecting correcting and preventing database corruption (FBC2005)
152 FBCON2005 Evgeney Putilin - Firebird and Java Stored Procedures (FBC2005)
153 FBCON2005 Nando Dessena - Deploying Firebird transparently on Windows (FBC2005)
154 FBCON2005 Paul Reeves - From Basic to Advanced ISQL scripting (FBC2005)
155 FBCON2005 Fikret Hasovic - Open source Delphi (FBC2005)
156 FBCON2005 Luiz Paulo de Oliveira Santos - Firebird API in Delphi Lazarus and Free Pascal (FBC2005)
157 FBCON2005 Jason Wharton - IB Objects for Newbies (FBC2005)
158 FBCON2005 Luiz Paulo de Oliveira Santos - Techniques for migrating from MySQL to Firebird (FBC2005)
159 FBCON2005 Stefan Heymann - What Developers Should Know about Character Sets and Unicode etc (FBC2005)
160 FBCON2005 Lucas Franzen - STORED PROCEDURES (FBC2005)
161 FBCON2005 Claus Heeg - Migration and integration of other databases into Firebird using Cold Fusion
162 FBCON2005 Holger Klemt - Setting Up a bidirectional Replication based on EXECUTE STATEMENT Commands
163 FBCON2005 Paul Ruizendaal - Solution Stacks Built on Firebird and PHP - Another Flame in the LAMP
164 FBCON2005 Pavel Cisar - Firebird Quality Assurance (FBC2005)
165 FBCON2005 Dmitri Kouzmenko - Firebird Performance Optimization for Different Applications (FBC2005)
166 FBCON2005 Thomas Steinmaurer - Audit Trails Transaction Log Redo with the IB LogManager product family
167 FBCON2005 Milan Babuskov - The power of Firebird events (FBC2005)
168 FBCON2005 Martijn Tonies - The Firebird system tables (FBC2005)
169 FBCON2005 Kim Madsen - SOA using kbmMW (FBC2005)
170 FBCON2005 Daniel Magin - Developing DataBase Application with Delphi 2006 (FBC2005)
171 FBCON2005 Mauricio Longo - Dynamic Databases - A Conceptual Overview (FBC2005)
172 FBCON2005 Carlos Cantu - PSQL in Action (FBC2005)
173 FBCON2005 Jim Starkey - Configuring Firebird and Vulcan (FBC2005)
174 FBCON2005 Jim Starkey - Vulcan status features and goals (FBC2005)
175 FBCON2005 Arno Brinkman - Understanding the Optimizer I (FBC2005)
176 FBCON2005 Paul Beach Dmitry Yemanov - Firebird future development (FBC2005)
177 FBCON2005 Mauricio Longo - FireQ - Firebird Based Messaging Infrastructure (FBC2005)
178 FBCON2005 Roman Rokytskyy - JayBird - JCA/JDBC driver for Firebird (FBC2005)
179 FBCON2005 Roman Rokytskyy - JayBird - JCA/JDBC driver for Firebird (FBC2005)
180 FBCON2005 Lester Caine - Firebird on PHP Integrate or Abstract (FBC2005)
181 FBCON2005 Jeanot Bijpost - An introduction to Cathedron (FBC2005)
182 FBCON2005 Andrew Morgan - Creating and managing recursive structures (FBC2005)
183 FBCON2005 Holger Klemt - Server Performance - How to make your application run faster (FBC2005)
184 FBCON2005 Ann Harrison - First steps in performance tuning (FBC2005)
185 FBCON2005 Milan Babuskov - FlameRobin - administration tool for Firebird DBMS (FBC2005)
186 FBCON2005 Claus Heeg - Building ERP web applications based on Firebird and cold Fusion (FBC2005)
187 FBCON2005 Serg Vostrikov - Getting Started with FIBPlus (FBC2005)
188 FBCON2005 Arno Brinkman Dmitry Yemanov - Under the hood Data access paths (FBC2005)
189 FBCON2005 Pavel Cisar - Making your own Firebird PowerTools with Python (FBC2005)
190 FBCON2005 Stefan Heymann - Using Firebird for Quality Management Software (FBC2005)
191 FBCON2005 Serg Vostrikov - Special FIBPlus features network traffic optimization and FIBPlus
192 FBCON2005 Fikret Hasovic - Firebird in n-tier setup with Delphi and kbmMW (FBC2005)
193 FBCON2005 Jeanot Bijpost - From Model Driven Development to Model Driven Architectures (FBC2005)
194 FBCON2005 Alex Peshkov - New security features in Firebird 2.0 (FBC2005)
196 FBCON2005 Arno Brinkman - Understanding the Optimizer II (FBC2005)
200 FBCON2004 Frank Ingermann - The Sparkey of the year Event (FBC2004)
201 FBCON2004 Ann Harrison - QLI (FBC2004)
202 FBCON2004 Helen Borrie - Creating a shop (the new Firebird Example Database) (FBC2004)
203 FBCON2004 Helen Borrie - Stocking the Shelves and Browsing the store (FBC2004)
204 FBCON2004 Arno Brinkmann - Understanding the Optimizer in Firebird (FBC2004)
205 FBCON2004 Arno Brinkmann - The Optimizer in SQL Examples (FBC2004)
206 FBCON2004 Pavel Cisar - Wrestling Firebird (FBC2004)
207 FBCON2004 Pavel Cisar - Firebird QA (FBC2004)
208 FBCON2004 Lucas Franzen - STORED PROCEDURES I (FBC2004)
209 FBCON2004 Lucas Franzen - STORED PROCEDURES II (FBC2004)
210 FBCON2004 Ann Harrison - Lock print (FBC2004)
211 FBCON2004 Frank Ingermann - Client Performance (FBC2004)
212 FBCON2004 Frank Ingermann - FBFreeDB (FBC2004)
213 FBCON2004 Holger Klemt - The Power of “Execute Statement” (FBC2004)
214 FBCON2004 Holger Klemt - corrupt Databases, examples and Solutions (FBC2004)
215 FBCON2004 Holger Klemt - Firebird performance Workshop (FBC2004)
216 FBCON2004 Manuel Morbitzer - PHP and Firebird (FBC2004)
217 FBCON2004 Manuel Morbitzer - Firebird and Visual Studio .NET (FBC2004)
218 FBCON2004 Paul Reeves - Building Firebird Installation Kits for Win32 (FBC2004)
219 FBCON2004 Paul Reeves - Firebird System Tables (FBC2004)
220 FBCON2004 Nicolay Samofatov - External tables (FBC2004)
221 FBCON2004 Nicolay Samofatov - new backup technology (FBC2004)
222 FBCON2004 Jim Starkey - Vulcan Architecture (FBC2004)
223 FBCON2004 Jim Starkey - Vulcan Design Goals (FBC2004)
224 FBCON2004 Thomas Steinmaurer - Serverseitige Programmier-Techniken (FBC2004)
225 FBCON2004 Thomas Steinmaurer - Neuerungen in Firebird 1.5 (FBC2004)
226 FBCON2004 Martijn Tonies - An Introduction to Firebird for database developers (FBC2004)
227 FBCON2004 Martijn Tonies - The Firebird PSQL language (FBC2004)
228 FBCON2004 Jason Wharton - IBO and Firebird / IBO Advanced (FBC2004)
229 FBCON2004 Hilmar Brodner - AvERP I Grundlagen und Administration (FBC2004)
230 FBCON2004 Hilmar Brodner - AvERP II Programmierung (FBC2004)
231 FBCON2004 Paul Ruizendaal - Moving applications from Oracle to Firebird (FBC2004)
232 FBCON2004 Artur Anjos - Using Firebird over the Internet (FBC2004)
233 FBCON2004 Bastian Morbitzer - PHPtree - Firebird basierende PHP Anwendung für Dokumentation und
Hilfssystem (FBC2004)
234 FBCON2004 Bastian Morbitzer - The Future of a global Firebird Online Documentation System (FBC2004)
235 FBCON2004 Lester Caine - PHP - Life after Builder6 (FBC2004)
236 FBCON2004 Marc o Dunehue - Firebird and Java I (FBC2004)
237 FBCON2004 Marc o Donehue - Firebird and Java II (FBC2004)
238 FBCON2004 Bernd UA - Delphi 8 and Firebird .NET Provider (FBC2004)
101 HK Presentation: Improving performance with IBExpert (Budapest 02/2005)
102 HK Presentation: A review of IBExpert’s range of functions (Budapest 02/2005)

German only:

001. HK German Tutorial: Grundlagen SQL und Einrichtung IBExpert Demodatenbank
002. HK German Tutorial: Einfache Firebird SQL Befehle
003. HK German Tutorial: Tabellen mit SQL verknüpfen
004. HK German Tutorial: Where Bedingungen
005. HK German Tutorial: Erstellen einer eigenen Datenbank
006. HK German Tutorial: Tabellen erstellen
007. HK German Tutorial: Tabellen mit Fremdschlüssel erstellen
008. HK German Tutorial: Benutzer erstellen und Rechte vergeben
009. HK German Tutorial: Datenbank Parameter und Hintergrundwissen
010. HK German Tutorial: Tabellen abfragen, Indizes erstellen und SQL Performance vergleichen
011. HK German Tutorial: Auswirkungen langer Char Felder
012. HK German Tutorial: UDF benutzerdefinierte Funktionen einbinden
013. HK German Tutorial: IBExpert Demo Database Collection
014. HK German Tutorial: Datenbankdesigner Entity Relationship Modeling
016. HK German Tutorial: Erstellen eines triggerbasierenden Transaktionslogs
017. HK German Tutorial: Logging in IBExpert und Trigger in der Employee Datenbank
018. HK German Tutorial: Sprachelemente für Stored Procedures
019. HK German Tutorial: Rekursionen in Prozeduren und erste eigene Prozeduren
020. HK German Tutorial: Prozeduren entwickeln und optimieren
021. HK German Tutorial: Trigger entwickeln für Transaktionsprotokolle
022. HK German Tutorial: Views und Updatable Views
023. HK German Tutorial: Views für mehrere Tabellen
024. HK German Tutorial: Wie funktioniert Firebird intern? I
025. HK German Tutorial: Wie funktioniert Firebird intern? II
026. HK German Tutorial: Wie funktioniert Firebird intern? III
027. HK German Tutorial: Wie funktioniert Firebird intern? IV
028. HK German Tutorial: FBConnections, gfix, Cache und sonstige Parameter festlegen
029. HK German Tutorial: IBETransactionMonitor, Server Properties, Backup Restore, Logging,
030. HK German Tutorial: IBExpertSQLMonitor, Firebird ODBC und MS Access, Export, IBEBlock ODBC
031. HK German Tutorial: IBExpert Spezialfunktionen, Plananalyzer, Selektivität,Kommandozeilenprogramme,
External Files
032. HK German Tutorial: Installation und Vergleich FB15-FB20, Performanceanalyse, IBExpert Doku, Extract
Metadaten, Datenbanken reparieren
033. HK German Tutorial: Alias.conf, firebird.conf, Temp Pfad und Dateien
034. HK German Tutorial: firebird.log, Freeadhocudf
035. HK German Tutorial: Demodatabase Transaktionslog, rfunc UDF, Replikation
036. HK German Tutorial: Internet Firebirdverbindung mit Zebedee
037. HK German Tutorial: Testdaten generieren, Performancemessung, Indizes, Plan, Selektivität,
038. HK German Tutorial: Set Statistics, Indexoptimierung, order by, Fremschlüsselindizes
039. HK German Tutorial: Datenbankstatistik, Backup Restore Optimierung,
040. HK German Tutorial: Trigger statt FK, MGA, Versionierung
041. HK German Tutorial: SQL,in,exists,updateable views,Performance, firebird.conf Konfiguration, lange
042. HK German Tutorial: external files,csv export,
043. HK German Tutorial: IBExpert Export
044. HK German Tutorial: CSV Import Insertex, Tabelle in andere Datenbank kopieren,
045. HK German Tutorial: IBExpert.usr Menüs einschränken, Sprachanpassung
046. HK German Tutorial: mit ibeblock Metadatenextract per Kommandozeile automatisieren und mit DLL in
eigene Programme integrieren
047. HK German Tutorial: Metadatenextract mit Daten, Blobunterstützung in Scripts
048. HK German Tutorial: ibeblock ODBC Zugriff, MS Access Datenbanken einbinden,Daten von ODBC nach
Firebird kopieren
049. HK German Tutorial: ibeblock Datenbanken verknüpfen
050. HK German Tutorial: Dateien importieren, Bilder importieren per Script
051. HK German Tutorial: Dateien per Script updaten
052. HK German Tutorial: Verbindungen über das Internet mit Zebedee verschlüsseln und komprimieren, Dyndns
mit nutzen
053. HK German Tutorial: Performance Internetbetrieb von Datenbankservern, Pingzeit,Route
054. HK German Tutorial: HK Services, Transaction Monitor
055. HK German Tutorial: Delphi BDE Applikationen auf IBObjects umstellen mit GReplace
056. HK German Tutorial: Datenbanken nachträglich Character Set und Dialekt konvertieren
057. HK German Tutorial: Extrahieren von Daten und ausführen per DLL
058. HK German Tutorial: Applikation Optimieren durch Einsatz spezieller IBO Komponenten, IB_DSQL,
059. HK German Tutorial: Performancevergleich IBO Query, IBO Cursor, BDE Query etc.
060. HK German Tutorial: Performanceprobleme durch Autobackground Commit Close Open vermeiden, Master
061. HK German Tutorial: Lazarus: Open Source Delphi für Windows und Linux, Zeos, AvERP Open Source
Warenwirtschaft, Datenmodellierung, Laufzeitformular


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