Tuesday, February 13, 2007

DelphiSpeedUp Delphi/BCB/BDS IDE plugin Version 2.4

DelphiSpeedUp Version 2.4 is released:

  • Version 2.4 (2007-02-12)
    • Added: FastCode 0.6.4
    • Added: Lots of new faster functions.
    • Added: Option "Disable FastQuit" that removes the "Close all and terminate process" menu item from the file menu.
    • Fixed: _LStrLCmp/_WStrWCmp calls from the RTL itself weren't replaced by _LStrEqual/_WStrEqual where applicatable.
    • Fixed: Package unloading hadn't correctly cleared the unit name hash table.
    • Fixed: The splash progressbar was painted over the "Registered..." text in the splash screen.
    • Fixed: French users got German menu items, a missing caused the menu items to be English instead of German.
    • Improved: Overhead for inlining and function splitting (_LStrCmp=>_LStrEqual) is now faster.

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