Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Ideal Database for Your Business?

This paper from CodeGear tries to convince users that InterBase 2007 is the best database for them. It even mentions “alternatives” like MySQL, PostgreSQL and …FIREBIRD 1.5!

Of course, like any marketing paper, it tries to show that IB is the best option ;-) But it is curious that they decided to compare IB 2007 with FB 1.5 (instead of 2.0). Also, it seems that most of their “complaints” about FB, like the lack of SMP support, etc. are features that are currently being merged from Vulcan into Firebird 3. The matter of Firebird not having an official support “entity” is shown as a “problem”, but I totally disagree with this, since there is a huge and very active community offering (very good) support for free in discussion lists, and some comercial companies too. I believe that currently Firebird support is even better than IB support from CodeGear.

Anyway, the simple fact that FB is mentioned probably will attract some attention to the project ;-)

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