Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Slipping in a Little Delphi

Now here's an example of what we Delphi advocates ought to be trying to do:
The Web Services Shootout: .NET or Java? by Blake Watson
Blake is an old Delphi hand from back in the days of Compuserve forums. He even wrote a really nice book about the Object Pascal language that, sadly, suffered in its original printing because the editor didn't know the difference between the meaning of “Delphi” and “Object Pascal” (back before there was a difference. ;-) Anyway, Blake wrote an article about web services in Java and .Net, and the guy -- God bless 'm! -- sneaks in Delphi code! How cool is that?
See, that's the way to do it. Now people will read that article and maybe think “Hey, I didn't know Delphi could do that/still existed/etc.”
Well done, Blake.

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