Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Delphi 2005 Update #1 and memory leaks!

From borland.public.delphi.non-technical:

For those that still expirience memory leaks with
Update #1:

The severity of the memory leaks is proportional
to size of the source file being edited.

To completely resolve them:
Remove or rename the following packages
to disable Together:


in the \Bin directory.

It is not sufficient to disable Together from the Project
menu!!! The memory leaks due to Together will
happen as soon as you use the code editor and while
the Delphi is starting.

After you have disabled Together, you will notice, that
memory usage after D2005 has started is only half
of what it is otherwise. (85MB instead of 200 or so). The size
of the memory allocated by the process can be checked accurately with
this tool:

The Windows page file usage is not very accurate. But you get
a .NET and W32 side breakdown with that tool.

To get a .NET garbage collector breakdown use this:

You will be able to see the culprit (Together) on the work.

With the original release of D2005 there were memory leaks in
the code editor itself also. Even without Together.
Those have been fixed with Update #1.

I also found the IDE much more stable and reporting more
usefull error message after disabling Together.

I hope some will find this usefull.
Best Regards!


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