Sunday, January 16, 2005

firebird 1.5.2 - debian status

I am in process of building firebird-1.5.2 packages. I used the 1.5.1 diff.gz as starters and then just fixed the failing hunks.

Also, I've fixed the lintian complains. These include:
1) short description starting with a capital letter (but see #288568)
2) non-dev packages containing symlinks to libraries, i.e. -> These are moved in -dev
3) maybe others I can't remember.

Remaining lintian warnings:
1) about NMU - since I am not in the Uploaders: lintian thinks this is a NMU build. Should I include myself in Uploaders or just ignore the warning?
2) .dsc file contains strange architectures in Architectures: like "darwin-i386" and such. This comes from @arches@ in debian/ where it is replaced by the output of `type-handling i386 any'. I see 1.5.1-4 has the same list of strange architectures.

Unfortunatelly I have no hosting at hand. Is there a place I can upload the files for review/testing?

Damyan Ivanov

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