Wednesday, January 26, 2005

IBFirstAID 1.5 and IBAnalyst 1.7 are released

What's new in IBFirstAID 1.5

  • Support for multi-volume databases. Now IBFirstAID 1.5 is able to diagnose and repair databases which contain several volumes.
  • Detecting and fixing BLOB errors. IBFirstAID 1.5 walks through each BLOB in every table and checks its integrity, alerts errors and fix links to corrupted BLOBs.
  • Page Inventory Pages (PIP) repairing. Missed page inventory pages will be automatically recreated if needed. It increases capability to repair databases with large amount of lost data.
  • Improved repairing of pointer pages errors. IBFirstAID recreates and chains again missed pointer pages.
  • Enhanced algorithm of data pages checking and repairing.
  • Fixed bug with large databases checking
  • Fixed bug with index checking for InterBase 7.x databases
  • Improved user interface
  • New license types: Site License allows to use IBFirstAID on all computers in your company and Vendor License allows you to use IBFirstAID to fix your customers databases

What is new in IBAnalyst 1.7

  • Improved transaction state view (Summary page) with rewritten hints and recommendations.
  • Graphical transactions relation representation (Absolute and relative view)
  • Additional computed numbers that helps to understand database load (average transactions per day, active transactions %, frequency of automatic sweep start and so on).
  • Massive updates/deletes detection
  • Tables fragmented by blobs detection
  • Useless indices detection
  • InterBase 7.5 index null keys report
  • Ability to copy data to clipboard (right mouse click)
  • Examples of statistics with explanations
  • New Options (Transactions, Tables, Indices, Interfase)
  • Additional documents, explaining getting statistics and Summary page owerview.
  • Improved analytic algorythms and hints

Download free installation of IBFirstAID 1.5 Diagnostician

Download free installation package of IBAnalyst 1.7 Evaluation

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