Saturday, April 01, 2006

MySQL AB Acquires Firebird Foundation and Flamerobin

Milan Babuskov, one of original creators of fbManager which became Flamerobin, just made it publicly known that he now works for MySQL AB.

My project, Flamerobin and Firebird Foundation , have been acquired by MySQL, AB. As part of the agreement, I will be working full time for MySQL. I expect to lurk on the flamerobin-devel list from time to time and may contribute the occasional wolf-o-gram, but I will not be taking an active part in Flamerobin development. Although Mariuz will work for MySQL, part time, translating from wolf to English, He will continue to be active in the Firebird/Flamerobin projects.

Ann Harrison gave the idea to buy all the firebird developers with this post
on firebird-support

Update 4/4/2006: Till next year, happy April Fools.

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