Thursday, April 27, 2006

Nigel Brown talks about IDEs future

Nigel Brown, "DevCo" general manager discusses some of the plans for Delphi and the JBuilder. Very interesting.

You can find the full interview on The Register. You can also find comments from Allen Bauer, Nick Hodges (hey, Nick, you forgot the title!), and people in the newsgroups (using Marco Cantu's AJAX frontend).

What's my take? I find it very interesting and it sheds a new light on the way DevCo could sell Delphi. They want to take again the lead over Microsoft ("Our goal is to get back to that scenario where we are leading"), invest more moeny in the IDE tools, rehire "engineers and architects who were at the forefront of developing languages", mentions an "installed base of three million developers", wants to start "making money from support and added services".

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