Wednesday, April 12, 2006

SQL/e - Microsoft answer to FB Embedded?

From Steve Lasker’s Web Log - “I’m not familiar with the details of Firebird Embedded, so I can’t make a comparison. To capture the essence: SQL/e is a lightweight, in-proc relational database that offers a subset of the data types and TSQL syntax to provide queries over relational stored data with transactional support. The SQL/e data format can be password protected with encryption. SQL/e is based on the proven history of the Microsoft SQL Server Mobile Edition technology.”
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To quote the FAQ on website:

Q: Does SQL/e support stored procedures, or views?
A: No. Because SQL/e is targeted at lightweight, in-proc scenarios these features aren’t available. However, these features are typically used to provide multi-user abstraction from the underlying database schema. Because SQL/e runs in-proc with your application these features would typically provide more overhead than value. Because SQL/e runs in-proc with your application, why limit yourself to T-SQL within a stored procedure? By creating a data access layer to your SQL/e database you can use the full power of the .NET Framework.

Q: How big is the SQL/e runtime?
A: For all 7 dlls, the entire runtime is 1.4mb. This is less than a SQL Express .mdf file.

Q: What is the data file size limitation of SQL/e?
A: Both SQL/e and SQL/x share the same 4gig size limitation.

‘Nuff said!

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