Friday, February 11, 2005

KylixDriver version 3.0 release


GDD: Conforms to the latest Linux kernel 2.6.10. | Kernel regparm option support - new logic file produced.

DEMO: Support for ALTERA chipset PCI: diagnostic application sample that includes ALTERA-specific definitions.

KAL: TkdFrameworkAssistant complementary class added - better code allocation.

CardBuilder: Clear-all-resources-at-once ability.


KAL: kdPCINonBridge class - autoset first-found (bus, slot, func) vector in case if (0,0,0) is specified for VID, DID. | TkdInterrupt's OnHwInterrupt event property syntax changed - get required info simpler!

CardBuilder: Testing application code improvements.


KAL: Rare card destruction crash leaded by resource destructor – Fixed.

GDD: Memory range 0x00000000-0x00000000 (one-byte length) mapping trouble – Fixed.

Dozens of little bugs throughout KAL, GDD, CardBuilder fixed - very stable, thus 3.0.



KylixDriver is RAD Kylix-oriented and integrated software for PC hardware access. At the current stage of development this toolkit can be efficiently used for writing Linux device drivers for PCI specific hardware and broad range of other types of peripherals.

Why not to drive hardware directly from user applications? Why not to diagnose hardware resources right at Kylix design time and, at once, to create the driver skeleton for your device?

KylixDriver is a ready-made solution!

KylixDriver Outside Documentation on the Web is here.

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