Monday, February 07, 2005

Unofficial VisualCLX Patches

2005-02-05: Update: New inprogress patches for version 3.7

  • new MDI patches
  • GDI-Handle/Pixmap usage reduction
  • and many more.

The patch 3.7 is still in progress. I meight change some already added patches without notification.
Update: QThemed 2.0.6
Fixed '4' instead of '>' under Linux in menu.

2005-02-04: Added: Qt 2.3.2 update Revision 1 by Zeljko
Qt 2.3.2-1 library update with Borland's patches and addition patches.

2005-02-03: Update: QThemed 2.0.5
Added package support. Programs can now use BPLs in combination with QThemed.
Update: New homepage
The old homepage is now replaced by a Wiki system.
Added: Thread call system
Execute a function in another thread's context.
Added: FastLinuxRTL
Speeds up the DBClient components and other AnsiString related bottle necks.

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