Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Upscene Productions starts supporting Oracle

Upscene Productions, the developer of database developer tools like Database Workbench, LogManager Series (IB/FB/ADS/MSSQL LogManager) and Advanced Data Generator is extending their product line to include support for Oracle in their products.

"Supporting Oracle always was one of our goals.", says Martijn Tonies, founder of Upscene Productions. "It has been a long road, but finally, Database Workbench can be your single IDE for your major database engines. The same IDE for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, InterBase and Firebird. What more can you wish for?"

About "Database Workbench"
Database Workbench is a developer IDE for multiple database engines. It uses a single consistent IDE for your database engines while it's not a generic tool at all. With its modular pricing, you can decide which databases engines you want to have support for.

Besides schema object editting, Database Workbench includes tools for test-data generation, code snippet storage, data transfer and metadata reporting.

Database Workbench has been around for over 4 years and is one of the leading tools for InterBase and Firebird development. Recently, the market share has been slowly expanding to the MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server world. Many customers added new modules to their existing licences because of its cross-database-engine capabilities like Schema Migration and Schema Compare.

About Upscene Productions
Since four years, Upscene Productions is selling it's database tool (Database Workbench) to the public - and with great success. Database Workbench is one of the leading InterBase and Firebird development tools, recently expanded to support other database systems like MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server and today, Oracle.

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