Friday, April 08, 2005

FIBS 1.0.1 Firebird-Interbase Backup Scheduler

FIBS is a lightweight, solid and fast scheduler so as to meet most backup-tasks-needs. It uses firebird/interbase command line tool "gbak.exe" to backup safetly and mirrors it to any other disc or computer for extra protection against backup-disc crash. FIBS can create PKZip compatible compressed backup files, if user wants to. One of the noticable feature of FIBS is that it has multi-threaded architecture. Every backup process (including zipping) is executed in a separate thread. That is, there is no serialisation of backup process including zipping. Surely this means that high grade concurrency has been given to users to make them free to set lots of backup tasks just the same time.
It's been solved some potential scheduling problem with version 1.0.1.
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