Friday, April 15, 2005

New Firebird's slogan -- a summary

Firebird: The legend continues.
Firebird: Meet the Legend.
Firebird: Pure Power.
Firebird: Empower Yourself.
Firebird: Powerful, Reliable or Easy? Pick any three. (love this one,
but it's better for e-mail signature than general slogan)
Firebird: More than database.
Firebird: Solution that works.
Firebird forever.
Firebird: Plain sailing.
Firebird: What else?
Firebird: Simply clever. (but it's used by Skoda Auto)
Firebird: Inspired database.
Firebird: Just works.
Firebird: Smart technology.
Firebird: Proven solution.
Firebird: A database with vision.

Many slogans listed above could be mixed to make new ones, for example:

Firebird: Inspired Technology.
Firebird: Proven Technology.
Firebird: More than Technology.
Firebird: More than Solution.

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