Friday, April 08, 2005

New version php4-interbase in Debian

I prepared a new version of php4-interbase. Gregorz, are you in a
position to sponsor an upload?

People on pkg-firebird-general might want to rush in
for the fun early to help testing.

Here is the changelog.

* New upstream release
* Acknowledging NMU. (Closes: #294000)
* Bump php4-dev build-dep to (4:4.3.10-10) to ensure
building without zts
* Remove the -zts phpapi. Urgency high as this
is release critical.(Closes: #301329)
* Updated copyright file to incorporate newer
version of the license
* Incorporated Czech translation (Closes: #274066)

The packages can be found here:


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Remco Seesink said...


Remco here. Freaky to find my e-mails apear on somebodies blog. So you guys actually use my stuff :P