Friday, April 08, 2005

ibpp - progress

"You know I always try to keep myself informed of your progress and issues so that I can pick up new needs for IBPP.
Unfortunately march 2005 has been quite badly exceptional for me (mainly health issues & work overload issues).
You heard quite nothing from me for some weeks and it will still be the case for 1 or 2 weeks (roughly until around April 20).
Though I'm back, reading news from this list and considering to complete some old unfinished work in IBPP "soon".
You should expect a new IBPP "stable" beta late this month or at least early in May (because beginning of May I'll be free from a work-charge and that should give me 10 hours free a week.

I wanted to tell you that the Blob interface received enhancements some weeks ago (this is checked in the HEAD of IBPP CVS, though I still do not recommend you to depend on the HEAD branch for the time being). You'll find the ability to directly read or write a blob to/from a std::string through the Statement::Get/Set methods, essentially short-circuiting completely the need to use a Blob temporary variable for simple use cases.

This feature at least is already heavily used in our private builds at TIP Group inside release commercial software. So I expect the beta of this next IBPP iteration will be very short.

There is also a Row concept, that, I expect, could be used to implement sort of client-side caching of rows when retrieving a dataset. But more on this later.

And the IBPP::Exception now inherits from std::exception allowing a better integration with standard compliants developments. (Look at the ibpp.h from CVS HEAD if you want to see the structure of this and not take wrong paths in between).

See you soon here, "

Olivier Mascia


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