Friday, March 25, 2005

Fyracle 0.8.6 released

Fyracle 0.8.6 released


- rewritten error handling
- several fixes and enhancements to the built-in functions
- oracle style '' equals NULL, and NULL equals '' now supported
(only when connected in oracle-mode, of course)
- auto-casting of strings to numerals (i.e. 1 '2') now supported
(only when connected in oracle-mode, of course)
- further fixes to handling of scaled integers
- handling of "insert into ... select ..." fixed

Version 0.8.6 contains fixes for all errors that have been
reported to the Fyracle newsgroup.


The new runtime installers can be downloaded from:

The developer kit can be downloaded via:


The recommended upgrade procedure is to first
uninstall any previous versions of Fyracle and only
then to install the new 0.8.6 release. Remember
to save your configuration files (firebird.conf
and aliases.conf) if you changed them!

The uninstaller has a start menu entry on Windows
and can be found at the top of the install
directory on Linux and Windows.


The current Compiere demo is still 2.5.1g The last
upgrade to these files was on Feb 1st. A port of
Compiere 2.5.2 is underway.


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