Monday, March 28, 2005

TECT Softwares Stored Procedure Generator (SPGen)

TECT Softwares Stored Procedure Generator (SPGen)
has been designed to create standard procedures for most tables.

Currently SPGen makes no modifications to any database, instead it
creates a script which you can execute against your database.


SPGen is currently in beta and each build is time limited (it will expire after a specified period of time), cost for this product is yet to be determined, however like all our products we will offer the following discounts to Firebird Foundation members, when the product is released:

* Voting Membership - 100% discount.
* Associate Membership - 75% discount.

Beta Test Participation

Beta participation is open to everyone, to get involved simply download a copy of SPGen, all bug reports or feature requests can be submitted directly using our online helpdesk or join our mail list at Yahoo.


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