Monday, March 21, 2005

Praise for Firebird Relational Database

>From: WebHub Technical Support
>Subject: [WebHub-list] off-topic: praise for Firebird Relational Database
>"Interbase Deleted, Firebird Installed... Existing Apps Work without Effort"
>This is one of those rare stories where software works perfectly, the way
>it should. It's possibly relevant to people on this list so I'll give you
>some details.
>I started with a machine running WinNT 4, Interbase (June 2000), 1 WH app
>using a .gdb, 1 other Delphi app using a .gdb. (all on same machine)
>I backed up the server. You would have too, if you knew what was planned.
>I shut down the apps. I stopped IIS.
>I tried to uninstall Interbase but the uninstaller failed, so I stopped
>Interbase in Control Panel > Services, then deleted c:\Program
>I found the Firebird 1.5 stable installer here:
> ,
> 25th Dec 2004
> Official
> Windows Setup and Installer For Classic and SuperServer V1.5.2 (.exe) (2.7mb)
> which leads to
>I ran the installer. Of course I forgot whether I was supposed to choose
>Classic or SuperServer. I found this page
> and decided
>find it easy to remember "use the defaults" ... hint.
>I used all the defaults for installation, aside from the folder location
>(used d: ... not c: ...).
>The install finished with no errors. I checked Services and Firebird was
>running. So far so good.
>I tested the WH app, it worked, no complaints. (Thanks to the TurboPress
>developers for that part.)
>I rebooted the machine, it restarted everything including the WebHub App
>and the Delphi app, and BOTH WORKED without any reconfiguration of any sort.
>I was so pleased I had to tell you. Best of luck to anyone who tries this
>at home.


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