Monday, March 14, 2005

kbmMW v. 2.50.00 All Editions - Beta 4 released!


New stuff
- 4 SKUs introduced: Standard, Pro, ProPlus and Enterprise.
- D2005 Win32 support.
- D2005 dotNet support.
- Indy 10 support
- SDAC 3 database adapter support. (Pro/Pro+/Ent)
- Added Native DB adapter. (Pro/Pro+/Ent)
- PostgreSQLDAC database adapter support. (Pro/Pro+/Ent)
- Loadbalancer teaching/learning added. (Pro+/Ent)
- Server announcement to loadbalancers added. (Pro+/Ent)
- Added support for bracket handling of tablenames/fieldnames. (Pro/Pro+/Ent)
- Removed old ConnectionString editor, and replaced with group
and array capable stringlist editor.
- Added support for statistics via Windows Performance Monitor (Ent)
- Added TkbmMWLocalStats component for local statistics support (Pro/Pro+/Ent)
- Added statistics support on transports and connection pools in
addition to the server and service level stats. (Pro+/Ent)
- Added OnMessageToSpoke event to have very fine runtime control of
message distribution in hub/spoke transports. (Pro+/Ent)
- Added OnMacro event to connection pools. Allow for adding macro (Pro/Pro+/Ent)
functions and other automated
- Added TkbmMWCustomServerThreadPoolTransport from which SAF (Pro+/Ent)
transports inherits.
- Added PoolSize property on messaging transports for control
of how many threads are running to handle request/response scenarios. (Pro+/Ent)
- Added internal transactional support on message queues. (Pro+/Ent)
- Added optional rejection queues on message queues.
- Added required registration of transport info classes.
- Added streaming capabilities to transport info instances.
- Added/updated TkbmMWFileStoreMessageQueue. (Ent)
- Added support for ftLargeInt parameter types.
- Added additional transport stream level security options.
- Added doubly linked list class.

Changes/minor additions
- Updated transport streams, server and client to provide better check for stream version.
- Transports split up in client part, server part and common part.
- Enhanced TkbmMWStringList to support grouping of strings.
- Updated client code to gracefully handle loadbalancing/failover while operating as a spoke.
- Updated HTTP transport stream format to support HTTP v. 1.1 and
support HTTP proxy basic authentication.
- Updated DBISAM4 adapter to also compile with DBISAM v. 4.09 or newer.
- Changed object streaming to not require definition of static or dynamic variant object type.
- Published ConnectionPool property on all client datasets.

- Removed lots of hints and warnings.
- Changed loadbalancer list locking while probing servers to be very shortlived.
- Fixed OnResolve firing twice bug.
- Fixed ADOX field origins bug.
- Fixed OnGarbageCollect event bug.
- Fixed NexusDB v2 NULL handling.
- Fixed statehandling bug.
- Fixed CreateParams.
- Fixed threading bug in ISAPI server side transport.
- Fixed Kylix3 support.
- Fixed Synapse transport bugs related to not raising exceptions when occuring.

This list is not complete. Many more subtle changes and refactorings has happened internally.


best regards
Kim Madsen

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