Friday, March 11, 2005

Unicode SynEdit

Features of actual version

  • Unicode support for Windows&Linux without depending on any additional library or component package.
  • Added new unit SynUnicode that contains Unicode versions of often used string-functions.
    It's TWideStrings & TWideStringsList-classes were taken from JCL, adapted and cleansed to be cross-plattform and less code-bloating.
  • Optional symbiosis with often used libraries like JclUnicode or TntUnicode-controls through compiler directives. (see
    JclUnicode can be interesting if you want advanced features that are Windows-dependent but adds 140KB to exe-size.
    TntUnicode-controls provide Unicode-property-editors at design-time at no cost but must be installed(= available), so it is not used by default.
  • Support of Unicode on Win9X.
  • All Highlighters were translated. (They use now collision free hashing)
  • All additional SynEdit components are unicode-enabled.
  • Storing files as UTF-8, UTF-16 or Ansi.

Known Issues

  • Wide glyphs (usually double of latin glyphs) like in Chinese don't render correctly.
  • This is not really a SynEdit issue: The TeX-Exporter doesn't support Unicode as LaTeX2e doesn't support it either.
    There are many half-backed solutions but none offers real Unicode support. LaTeX 3 is said to support this (whenever it is released). Note: RTF and HTML exporters fully support Unicode.

What's new?

  • All Demos were ported to work with UniSynEdit.
  • SynGen now creates highlighters compatible with UniSynEdit and was enhanced to support collision free hashing and better FuncXXX naming (now is derived from the keyword instead of the key).
  • All fixes from ANSI version were applied.
  • All other fixes for Unicode SynEdit are included as well, for details see CVS log.
  • Some fixes to SynGen
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