Thursday, November 11, 2004

C# Compiler Warnings ;)

11. WARNING: You appear to be making too much money. The going rate in India for code of this quality is $4/hour.
10. WARNING: Microsoft is committed to turning C# into another C++. You appear to only be using about 25% of the features currently available in the language. Please consult an approriate guide on how to incorporate the other 75% into your application.
9. WARNING: The book sitting on your bookshelf titled "Teach Yourself C# in 21 Days" is obsolete. Microsoft Press will soon be publishing a replacement titled "Teach Yourself C# in 42 Days".
8. WARNING: Your project contains over 400,000 lines of code and does not contain any abstract classes or implement any interfaces. You may want to consult with the "Gang of Four" for assistance in refactoring your application.
7. WARNING: You have marked a UserControl with the abstract keyword. Any classes derived from this class will not be editable in the Forms Designer. We don't really know why.
6. WARNING: I am an IBM Vendor who is being detained against my will at the Microsoft Redmond Campus. I have managed to infiltrate the C# development team in order to add this compiler warning. Please contact the authorities immediately. I believe that they are on to me. Just this morning, the secretary noticed that all of the Snickers bars and barbeque potato chips were missing from the "honor bar".
5. WARNING: The new intern is not a woman. Please stop staring at his "man boobs" and referring to him as "she". His name is Dexter.
4. WARNING: You do not appear to have any experience in Object Oriented design. Please switch back to VB6 immediately.
3. WARNING: The conditional operator (cond-expr ? expr1 : expr2) is too complex to be understood by the average programmer. Use an (if-else) construct instead.
2. WARNING: Your program did not generate any warnings.
1. WARNING: You are spending too much time on the Internet. You should get back to work to avoid losing your job.

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