Tuesday, November 16, 2004

FlameRobin 0.2.0 just released !

We are glad to announce the release of FlameRobin 0.2.0 ALPHA, now with property sheets and editors for most database objects, brand new background backup & restore features and a MacOS X port. Not to mention the new program logo.
New features:
- Brand new Backup/Restore dialogs that work in background, let you suppress the output messages and store their settings among invocations. Plus, the output messages can be copied to the clipboard.
- Many dialogs have been redesigned and now feature a cleaner GUI.
- "Show value" and "Show all values" context menu commands implemented for generators.
- Exceptions are now shown in the tree view and have Create/Drop menu commands and a property page.
- Property pages for triggers, table constraints, dependencies (all objects), generators were added. Plus, a special empty property page now appears for not yet supported object types, instead of an error message.
- Ability to view/add/drop table constraints.
- Reconnect menu command for databases will physically disconnect and reconnect a database in one shot.
- "Create new" and "Drop" commands added for external functions.
- New MacOS X port.
Release notes here, download here. Please send us comments, bug reports, feature requests, wishes, etc.

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