Friday, November 19, 2004

myTracker 1.06

myTracker updated!

MyTracker is tracking and collaboration system that allows users to collect, file, share, and discuss any type of information, whether it is news, a thought, bug, task, idea, document, graph and report. MyTracker is powerful, well-organized, efficient, fully customizable and easy to use.

MyTracker is designed to make massive amounts of information manageable. It flexible, giving users a powerful framework allowing them to focus on their own problem-solving decisions. It can arrange large groups of information in an enormous number of ways, but quickly find a single item within the groups. MyTracker supports custom form design, queries, reporting, charting, notification and export of data - in HTML, XML and XLS (Excel) formats.

MyTracker is released under GPL License.

1.06 released on 17.11.2004
improved: documentation reviewed and updated by Chris

new:New Template macro for formatting stylesheet (very hot)
new:3 new permissions (Login restricted, Restrict selection of other users, Restrict selection of other user groups user)
new: open issue attachments via click on Stylesheet
fixed: At opening the issue details dialog set the focus on first editable field on properties page
1.05 released on 13.11.2004
new:Client console remebers the last logged user ;-)

fixed:All user can delete issues references from the tray
fixed:Wrong issue history BUG:1064527
fxed:Delete custom issue field BUG:1064045
fixed:Remember last query works also for Tray and selects the correct node
1.04 released on 8.11.2004
fixed: SOAP server dlls contain the missed midas.dll

1.03 released on 4.11.2004
fixed: Empty tray in direct DB connection does not delete the issues but the item in tray

changed: Stylesheet Macro sorts the rows by Change at field
new: Stylesheet Macro sorts the rows by field (old functionality)
1.02 released on 28.10.2004
fixed: Date formating in regions with no format

1.0 First official release (14.10.2004)

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