Friday, November 12, 2004

Devrace Releases FIBPlus 6.0

FIBPlus 6.0 - Database connectivity improvement tool for InterBase and Firebird developers

FIBPlus 6.0 is a library for Delphi, C++ Builder and Kylix developers who need fast direct access to InterBase and Firebird databases. FIBPlus is already familiar to most database professionals and this year the product got prestigious Best Database Connectivity Award from the Delphi Informant Magazine (Reader’s Choice). Improvements in this new version make FIBPlus 6.0 the fastest InterBase/Firebird database connectivity component available on the Internet.

The advantage of FIBPlus is that it supports all Borland InterBase and Firebird features like array-fields, convenient transaction handling, and is 100% compatible with third-party components and report generators. Most importantly, applications based on FIBPlus do not require BDE, ODBC or anything else.

This true direct database connectivity solution is capable of caching records in TpFIBDataSet, which reduces the amount of network traffic and speeds up data transfer time. Likewise, BLOB-fields can be cached as well, so when they are queried again, the values will be taken from the local cache rather from the server. Plus, the library employs a unique BLOB-field saving strategy. It splits all fields into BLOB-types and other types and saves other (common) types first. If it encounters a problem during this step, FIBPlus will not try saving BLOB-fields, thus reducing the amount of unnecessary network traffic.

FIBPlus was always easy to integrate with other visual applications and components, but now it provides extremely simple integration option for applications that have no GUI. This makes it possible to use FIBPlus for system-wide ‘non-user’ database applications. Finally IBX (InterBase Express) applications can be easily ported to FIBPlus to make sure it is 100% stable in new Firebird versions.

FIBPlus 6.0 is available at for free evaluation. The price of registering this library is 235 Euros per license. Unlimited (site) license is available for 1250 Euros.

Devrace supplies components and expertise to developers who use Borland Delphi, Borland C++ Builder, Borland InterBase and the Open Source Firebird. The FIBPlus component set has evolved through use and feedback from ourselves and a number of very experienced developers, making it a first class component set. The company is an official Borland Technology Partner since 2001.

System Requirements:
• IDE: Borland Delphi 5-7, C++ Builder 6-7, Kylix 3
• Database: Borland InterBase, Open Source Firebird

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