Thursday, November 11, 2004

ibWebAdmin 0.99.1 released - Version 1.0 soon

This release includes only small feature enhancements and bugfixes.
But it comes with a polish translation contributed by
Matthias Hryniszak and a first draft of a documentation which can be
found in the doc directory inside of the source tree.

Due to the fact that there are no known bugs for some time now I have
decided to change the development status from 'beta' to 'stable' with
this release. The version number will become 1.0 when the
documentation is finished.

- added polish language file, contributed by Matthias Hryniszak
- fixed editing of data for values containing double quotes
- fixed trigger-source when modifying triggers
- fixed a bug for csv-import of text-blobs
- direct editing of textblobs when entering/editing data
- added a 'delete all' option to the delete udf selectlist
- fixed editing/deleting data from the watchtable panel when cookies
are disabled

More on the fbwebadmin page

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