Tuesday, November 02, 2004

TIOBE Programming Community Index for November 2004

November Headline: SAP/ABAP programmers still in great demand

November's Newsflash

brought to you by Paul Jansen

  • Pascal has been introduced as a separate entry this month. Until now Pascal has been part of the Delphi/Kylix group of programming languages. Various e-mails concerning Pascal initiated this change. The general motivation was most of the times something like "if VB.NET and classic Visual Basic are considered separate languages, Pascal and Delphi should be regarded as different languages as well". Since there is no historical data available for Pascal, its one years' difference had to be estimated. For this we took the average of two other dinosaurs: COBOL and Fortran. Within one year we can use Pascal's own historical data.

  • Because I was really surprised about the revival of Delphi, I asked Delphi expert Bob Swart ( ) why. According to him this is mainly because Delphi allows you to program single-source for both win32 and .NET by using VCL, just like CLX enables single-source Delphi development for both Windows and Linux.

  • Finally, FYI. We started monitoring the programming languages Rebol, Clarion and Simula (again) and stopped keeping track of the Cg and Curl programming languages.

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