Tuesday, November 23, 2004

InterBase Performance Monitoring: Vision and Control

In older versions of InterBase it was sometimes difficult to tell what was going on inside the server. This could make debugging applications very difficult. You could tell, for example, that there was a long-running transaction by looking at the DB header statistics, but you couldn't tell whose it was or what it was doing. Nor could the DBA preemptively end the transaction.

With InterBase 7 and higher, InterBase now provides insight into and control over the internal functions of the server via the temporary system tables. In some ways, InterBase developers and DBAs have a new problem: Instead of not enough information, we now have so much information and so many options for controlling the server that it's possible to get lost in the minutia of InterBase internals.

This session will focus on practical use of the feature. I'm not going to reproduce the InterBase documentation or explain every column of every table, but instead will focus on how to debug and enhance applications, and how to effectively administer an InterBase server.

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