Thursday, September 16, 2004

1001 megabytes of free storage!!!

If you need large mail-box, something gmail offers, but without initations, check this out:

is a new web mail application based of the simple fact that we want to offer our users the guarantee that their mail WILL get to them in time and they will never have to remove any messages messages from within their inbox as the storage space will be just enough to suite your needs. We also offer 10 Mb of web drive that can be used to test out some of your new php experiment files OR use it to share files with other SureMail users. The key features are:

  • Share & Test.
    Use the SureMail Web Drive to share files with other users OR even test out some of your web applications.

  • Don't throw anything away.
    1001 megabytes of free storage so you'll never need to delete another message.

  • Speed of the new era.
    The login, signup and read-mail/remove-mail time has been dramatically decreased. Your new SureMail account is now up to 10 times faster than any other web mail API

  • No pop-up ads. No advertising, easy loading.
    SureMail is the ONLY 100% customer-satisfaction guaranteed out there! This is NOT for any commercial use and therefore you will see NO ads NO hard-to-load images and NO un-wanted Spam from our sponsors as we are offering this service 100% FREE of charge for our users.

  • 100% SPAM protection.
    we have a unique system built-in this unique web mail API that will prevent all our users from spamming other mail boxes, therefore you will not be spammed from the INSIDE of SureMail and even more than that, we also have enabled the latest Spam Assasin that will keep you well protected from the outer mailing lists at all times !

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