Tuesday, September 14, 2004

VCL unit tests

This post is a bit of speculation.
1. Are there unit tests for the VCL?I have no way of knowing if this is so, but the VCL has to be tested. So why not unit tests, it is an popular way of working. One thing is sure the VCL seems very stable and it has to be tested (whole?) for each new compiler. If I was responsible for the testing I would have screamed for some automation before the third release.
2. Do we want to see the Unit tests.No, because the might not exist (see above) or are not 'presentable'.Yes, well without this it would be a bit of a pointless post. The VCL source is mostly a great source for finding out how a part of the VCL works. The unit tests might be a great way to find out that part of the VCL can/should be used.

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