Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Mantis 0.19.0 (stable) Released

This is a stable release that followed a couple of alpha releases + a release candidate. Compared to 0.18.3 this release has over 250 enhancements and fixes. These include some major additions to Mantis including issue relationships, sponsorships, advanced filters, changelog, workflow control, my-view, using ADODB as a database abstraction layer (only MySQL supported at the moment), "forgot password" support, more secure signup with captcha image, security fixes, and various other fixes and enhancements. All users of previous releases are encouraged to upgrade to this release.

- #0003896: [security] Change default value of $g_view_summary_threshold to MANAGER (vboctor)
- #0004478: [upgrade] database upgrade from 0.18.3 problem: upgrade-ID "filters-db1" does not work on mySQL4.1.3b-beta (jlatour)
- #0004435: [other] Auto-preview of attached images is broken (vboctor)
- #0004470: [other] Strange changes of "Resolution" value (thraxisp)
- #0004523: [filters] SYSTEM NOTICE: Undefined variable: t_target_field in view_filters_page.php (vboctor)
- #0004431: [relationships] Relationship removal is always "duplicate of" in history (masc)
- #0004426: [email] Email notifications to users with language set to "auto" causes errors (thraxisp)
- #0004448: [email] Custom severity and status shown in mail as code (thraxisp)
- #0004321: [localization] New german lang strings (bpfennig)
- #0004423: [localization] Parse error in strings_hungarian.txt line 974 (vboctor)
- #0004429: [localization] Slovene national characters not displayed correctly (jlatour)
- #0004445: [localization] New Spanish strings file (Wanderer)
- #0004458: [localization] Small fixes to the French file (Wanderer)
- #0004459: [localization] Typos in German and English strings (Wanderer)
- #0004498: [localization] Swedish translation updated for 0.19.0rc1 (Wanderer)
- #0004509: [localization] Request rather than "Provide Feedback to Issue" (thraxisp)
- #0004519: [localization] Updated the Italian language strings file to 0.19.0rc1 (Wanderer)
- #0004463: [graphs] pie chart of summary graph per category wrong when viewing allprojects) (thraxisp)
- #0004464: [graphs] Pie graphs display as error if no issue exist for a specific project (thraxisp)
- #0004481: [graphs] Query counts are incorrect in graphs (thraxisp)
- #0004507: [graphs] No time-line in the summary for cumulative by days (thraxisp)
- #0004511: [graphs] Summary Graph "Cumulative by Date" is blank (process expires) (thraxisp)
- #0004425: [bugtracker] Action group page exceeds max execution time (vboctor)
- #0004437: [bugtracker] Filenames of uploaded attached files are damaged (thraxisp)
- #0004479: [bugtracker] Reporters can't close or reopen issues they reported (thraxisp)
- #0004495: [bugtracker] Warning in bug_actiongroup_page.php when risolving (thraxisp)
- #0004480: [administration] admin/check.php - Check email failing. (thraxisp)
- Updated Italian, French, Portuguese Brazil, Lithuanian, Korean, Czech, Swedish, Spanish, German and Dutch translations

Mantis Team

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