Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Diamondback Compiler


XML doc support fully surfaced for all compilers. Generated XML file is not required for help insight, but is used if present.

New Delphi syntax features (Win32 and .NET)

  • enumeration syntax
  • Function inlining
  • support for compiling Unicode and UTF8 source files
  • Multi-unit namespaces
  • New wild-card "uses" syntax (a.b.*)

Win32 Only

  • Unit initialization consolidation optimization

.NET only

  • Compact framework support
    • Compile only
    • No designer or debugger (Microsoft has not provided the SDK)
  • Forward declared record types

Unit Definitions & Requirements

Multi-unit Namespaces

All interfaced symbols in unit "a.b.c" and "a.b.d" and "a.b.*" will be emitted into the namespace "a.b". The unit class that stores global variables and global procedures is named "a.b.Units.c". C# code (for example) would access type TFoo definind in unit "a.b.c" as try a.b.TFoo. If the unit name does not contain dots then the namespace is the unitname along and the unit class is .Units.

for Node in NodeList do
ListBox1.Items.Add( Node.InnerText);

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