Tuesday, September 28, 2004

IBEasy+ V1.2 is now available for download.

IBEasy+ is a freeware which can be used by beginners as well as by specialists. It allows the easy design and use of relational databases. This software contains:

  • An integrated help module for database design which deals with all the stages necessary to build an "optimal" database

    - A
    nalysing of the documents.
    - Building of the data dictionary with help to determine the category of semantic attachment for each field of the document.
    - Relationships between categories.
    - Creation of the conceptual diagram of data and generation of the associated tables.

  • A visual database designer module allowing to:

    -Visualize and update the diagram of an existing database. You can see the structure of the various tables and the referential integrity constraints linking them.

    -Visually create a database: insert tables and referential integrity constraints.

  • An easy, and user friendly, access to Interbase/FireBird main functionalities, both in user mode and in administrator mode, whith a set of specialized tools:

    -Specialized editors for: Tables, Views, Domains, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Indexes, Generators, Exceptions.
    -SQL: Expert mode (with history), visual mode (QBE: Query By Example),
    -Backup, restore, shut down, and restart functionalities
    -Grant manager
    -Interbase/Firebird messages localization

    -Export to Word, RTF, TXT, Excel, CSV, SYLK, DIF, HTML, MS Access, SQL
    -Export of Interbase/Firebird databases to MS Access: tables, records, referential integrity constraints
    -Import of MS Access databases: tables, records, referential integrity constraints
    -Export/Import of FireBird databases to SQL with Blob support
    -Import of Excel files to Firebird tables
    -Expression generator and parser for calculated fields in QBE queries
    -Form model designer to enter data in record mode
    -Management of auto-increment fields and default values
    -BLOB's viewers and editors. Specialized editors for text, image sound and video BLOBs. Hexadecimal editor for other types of BLOBs.

  • A multilingual interface (French, English, Spanish, Portuguese Brazil, Dutch, German) and documentation available, "on a click", in French and English.



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