Thursday, September 02, 2004

Jedi Online Help

Are you a JEDI user? If you aren't, you should be. The JEDI Project has just announced an online help system for the various JEDI projects. They have started with the JEDI VCL, and plan to include all their projects eventually. The idea is that we all help to document the component set. Very cool. I've always liked the concept of immediately updatable online help. The Wiki project has been doing this sort of thing for a while.
I've always thought that it would be cool to hit F1 and have the browser popup with help directly from Borland's website. The help could be updated constantly, and everyone could get the updates immediately. In addition, it would be cool if users could add sample code, comments, and annotations to the help to improve it for everybody. That's what the JEDI folks are doing, and I applaud them. Well done.
By the way, if you haven't taken a look at the JVCL recently, you should look again. What was once a large, monstrous install of over 300 components has been broken down into more managable chunks. Pretty amazing stuff when you consider that it is free under the MPL license.

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