Thursday, September 02, 2004

Open Workbench, Free Alternative to Microsoft® Project

This morning I received following mail:

Open Workbench Source Code Now Available

Thank you for visiting and requesting notification when the source code for Open Workbench would become available for download.

Niku Corporation ( proudly announces that the Open Workbench source code is ready for downloading at

The source code release is a newly improved version of Open Workbench called version 1.1rc3. This version of the software contains an extensive list of improvements to the existing product, such as an enhanced ability to import Microsoft® Project schedules into Open Workbench. This 'release candidate' will allow the development community to contribute further enhancements to version 1.1 before it is certified for General Availability later this year.

Since the initial user release in July 2004, Open Workbench has topped 14,000 downloads. This burgeoning user community represents individuals from corporations, non-profits, and governments in more than 75 countries. These users have been able to deploy Open Workbench free of charge throughout their organizations and are extremely active in the Open Workbench Community Forums.

Best regards,

The Open Workbench Development Team
Niku Corporation

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