Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Microsoft Keynote - from Borcon

Hopefully this is a good session, I have been bored many times in the Keynote sessions, I like technical details and the industry keynotes tend to be a bit higher level.

Marketing Hype so far with nothing much to report :-(

Talked about the Dynamic Systems Initiative (DSI) which I had not heard before it uses an Xml Schema to keep different systems together. I guess I will to search and read about that.

Then the started talking about SQL Server 2005, and how you can write Managed Code Stored Procedures.

Yeah, Danny Thorpe was just welcomed out on stage!!!

Using Delphi 8 with the command line compiler you can specify .NET 2.--clrversion=v2.0.40607

They compiled a Delphi function into an assembly, then loaded it into to SQL Server and then they wrote the same function in TSQL then they used the same function in a performance test. (i.e. Delphi code as a Stored Procedure)


  • TSQL time: ~10,000 ms
  • Delphi time: ~110-190 ms

Then the mentioned SQL on 64 Bit Platform, and the same Delphi Managed code will run there with no changes.

Then they wrapped up showing CaliberRM integration with Team Foundation Server and MS Project, which seem quite seamless and easy

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